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Alliance of Civilizations

Americans for Informed Demoncracy

East West Institute

“The Humanities Initiative: New York University”

The Middle East Centre at St. Anthony’s College, Oxford

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

Remarque Institute: New York University

Search For Common Ground

United States Institute of Peace: Muslim World Initiative

World Policy Journal

Books and Articles Recommended by the Center for Dialogues’ Staff

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Turkey under Erdoğan: Is it Still a Model of “Islamic Democracy”?

Report of the Panel organized by the New York University Center for Dialogues

Download the PDF


The Growing Divide between the Sunni and Shia Worlds

Report of the Conference organized by the New York University Center for Dialogues

Download the PDF


The University And The Nation

Report of the conference

Download the PDF in English

Download the PDF in French


The “Arab Spring”: Does Academic Freedom Matter?

Report of the Panel Discussion Organized By The new York University Center For Dialogues: Islamic World — U.S. — The West And The Scholars At Risk Network

Download the PDF>


The Future of U.S. Policy Toward Iran: Reimagining the Relationship

Report of the panel dsicussion.

Download the PDF


“Tunisia: The Last Hope of the ‘Arab Spring’? ”

Report of the panel dsicussion.

Download the PDF


Courage to Think: Intellectual Freedom in Tunisia and the Arab Spring

Report of the panel discussion

Read the report online here >

Download the PDF >


Miral: A Palestinian/Israeli Dialogue On and Off Screen

Report of the panel discussion.

Read the report online here >

Download the PDF >


“Arab Spring” or “Arab Winter”? — An Update on the Arab Revolutions

Report of the panel discussion.

Read the report online here >

Download the PDF

Recent Event

Social Media and the “Arab Spring”

Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion
December 4, 2014
6–8:30 PM
NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute Commons
20 Cooper Square, 7th Floor, New York, NY

The screening of the documentary, Génération Maudite (Doomed Generation), was followed by a panel discussion about the use of social media in the “Arab Spring.” The event was co–sponsored by the NYU Center for Dialogues, the Foreign Policy Association and the Global and Joint Studies Program of the NYU Institute of Journalism.

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